Step into someone else's Twitter feed
Get Started

How it works

Use the FlipFeed Google Chrome Extension to see the Twitterverse through someone else's eyes.

Download and Install FlipFeed

Download and Install the FlipFeed Google Chrome Extension. Make sure you enable the extension by visiting your browser settings page.

Flip Your Feed

Click the button on your Twitter profile (under your profile picture) to load the feed of a real Twitter user. These feeds belong to users we've classified as having left or right-leaning political ideologies.

Rinse, Repeat, and Reflect

Continue to load other feeds. What do you see? Why do you think you see it? Reflect on your experience and share your thoughts and questions with us.


FlipFeed is a Google Chrome Extension that enables Twitter users to replace their own feed with that of another real Twitter user. Powered by deep learning and social network analysis, feeds are selected based on inferred political ideology ("left" or "right") and served to users of the extension. For example, a right-leaning user who uses FlipFeed may load and navigate a left-leaning user's feed, observing the news stories, commentary, and other content they consume. The user can then decide to flip back to their own feed or repeat the process with another feed.

FlipFeed was built by researchers in the Laboratory for Social Machines at the MIT Media Lab to explore how social media platforms can be used to mitigate, rather than exacerbate, ideological polarization by helping people explore and empathize with different perspectives.